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Group Dance Therapy




1 Hour

About the Course


  • Learn the way the body moves with gentle ease, relative to its natural framework

  • Unlock areas of stillness, discomfort and pain

  • Learn to trust yourself to move away from the frozen areas and offer movement with awareness, to the areas of stillness

  • Working with sacred books that were developed by Ms. Hanna’s students over a 30 year period

  • Learn how to move  your body into it’s path of least resistance

  • Become a AH-PRACTITIONER  of Arodasi® Dance Therapy

  • Learn Authentic Movement in the tradition of Mary Starks Whitehouse

  • Learn the benefits of Dream Dancing

  • Reap the benefits of Meditation with the hopes of understanding it’s importance of letting things go inside the mind

What to bring to Class

  • Soft easy comfy clothing, layers to remove on cold days

  • A blank notebook or sketchbook, with a pen

  • A comforter and a beach towel or pillow to go under your head to ly down

  • No dance shoes necessary but will be totally accepted, just no dancing in socks

What to know

  • No dance or movement experience necessary     

  • Nothing more

Your Instructor

Dorothy Kristin

Dorothy Kristin

Stacie is an Advanced Level Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

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