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5 Signs of Burnout

When was the last time you were stressed out about something? Was it a big deal or something that caused a little concern? Most of the time, when we encounter stress, it gets handled without much of a bother. You put the stressful situation behind you after taking some action.


Unfortunately, sometimes we are hit with stress over and over. It is our constant companion. When this happens, it's very easy to get burned out. People often use that phrase, and it refers to a mental breakdown that comes from physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion.


By the way, what may cause burnout in one person might not affect another person at all. So your feelings about what is beyond your ability to handle are relevant for you. Never let anyone tell you that what you see as a high-stress level is nothing to be concerned about.


Ignoring burnout is what causes the biggest problems. Your body, mind, or emotions crash and can't function. You find it hard to do the simplest of things. Carrying on with normal life is borderline impossible. This is chronic stress to the extreme.


Here Are Five Red Flags That Indicate Burnout Might Be at Work


Remember what we just said. Your stress tolerance levels may be very different from those of someone else. Listen to your body. Embrace your emotions. Don't ignore potential problems because you think you might be able to just "tough it out."


Look for these 5 signs of burnout if you can't seem to escape stress in your life.


  • You feel isolated, all alone.


  • You are physically or emotionally exhausted.


  • You constantly daydream about escape fantasies where you run away and live a fairytale life.


  • You are constantly grumpy and irritable, sometimes to the point of emotional explosions or even physical attacks.


  • You're sick all the time.


You could, of course, encounter one or two of these situations and not really have a problem. The issue arises when three or more of these signs of burnout are regularly present.


You should never be ashamed to consult a mental health professional. You rush to the emergency room if you suffer a serious injury. Leaving burnout untreated is the same as ignoring a broken leg or head trauma that would otherwise have you seeking medical attention.


Take burnout seriously. Take action if you or someone you know can be described with the five burnout red flags we just discussed. Do something today, not tomorrow. Burnout can lead to serious health problems if it's not addressed quickly.

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