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How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

All of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed from time to time. We may have a significant project due for work, or our kids are struggling with schoolwork, and you have to remember how to do algebra.

When the daily tasks become a burden, and you are taking on more than you should, you may be heading down a dark path to burnout. Yet, you don’t have to get to that point. There are ways you can overcome the feelings of overwhelm when you are in the midst of everything. It is possible to reduce overwhelm and avoid it.

5 Tips to Stop Overwhelm Before It Starts

Are you ready to get your life back? If yes, consider these tips to stop overwhelm from consuming you:

1.    Think Ahead: Things can sideline you mentally when you are in the moment. Your mind doesn’t know how to think about what is going on and if it is needed. When you slow down and ask yourself if that meeting is essential or if you must answer the email right now, you allow your brain to put things into perspective.

2.    Guard Your Calendar Closely: Only you can decide what goes on your calendar and what must remain off of it. Before committing to a new project or dinner out with friends, ask to get back to that person. Then, you can take your time to decide if it is worth putting on your schedule.

3.    Put Your Most Important Tasks First: Decide what the most important things are that you need to accomplish and do them first. These can be items where you create the most value in your life. You won’t get stuck in the tyranny of the urgent when you do this.

4.    Allow Yourself Time to Let Your Mind Wander: Your brain will not function well if it is always on. It needs time to wind down. When you perform a mindless chore, you might be surprised at the different solutions that start popping into your head.

5.    Choose Not to Multitask: Each time you switch between tasks because you are trying to do too much at once, you lose out on precious productive time. Your brain doesn’t like multitasking either. Instead, focus on one task without interruptions and reap the benefits of getting more done.

Enjoy more of life while accomplishing your goals by planning, guarding your calendar, and refusing to be enslaved to overwhelm.

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