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Staying Hopeful During Tough Times

No one escapes difficult times in their lives. Whether we like it or not, our life challenges teach us the most. The ability to stay hopeful during those tough times though is a skill, and one that is well worth developing. Here’s how to go about honing it in your life.


1. Accept the challenge for what it is

If you’ve been hit broadside with a difficulty that’s left you negative, the worst thing you can do is try to ignore that it’s there. By acknowledging the problem, you can deal with it head on and find a solution. Start by asking yourself if the issue is something you can change. If so, then it’s time to make a game plan. If not? Then learn how to live with the new status quo, rather than wasting time and energy fighting it.


2. Ask yourself what you can learn from this experience

By seeking out the lessons to be learned, you can calmly face the problem. Discover what you can about the situation, learn and then move on.


3. Revisit the past

You’ve been through tough times before. Think back to them to remind yourself that challenges don’t last forever. Hope springs up from the knowledge that you’ve gotten through problems before.


4. Record the experience

Blogging, journaling, or recording what’s going on helps you to process the experience and find creative solutions. When we get things out of our head, we’re able to deal with problems logically rather than emotionally. Looking back at this record becomes a powerful experience of your progress, which offers hope.


5. Laugh

Even if you don’t feel like it initially, the act of laughing changes moods. Hopelessness doesn’t stand a chance against a good belly laugh. The fun thing about laughter is, once you start, it’s hard to stop. You can even fake it till you make it with laughter. It will lighten your mood and help you see solutions that weren’t there before.


6. Choose Happiness

Much of our life can be performing ‘shoulds’ if we let it. In this case, ask yourself if doing the ‘right thing’ means doing the thing that’s best for you? As long as it won’t hurt others, make the choice that will create happiness in your life.


7. Build a support group.

Trying to manage tough times alone is a sure recipe for fostering hopelessness. Gather people around you who make you feel hopeful just by being with them. By spending time with positive people, their hopefulness will quickly become your own.

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