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Size: 27x52 inch
Material: Cotton
Color: 白色
Pattern: Checkered
Thread Count: 400

【Yonwold Brand Organic Grounding Sheet 10% Silver 】Unlike other suppliers' 5% silver fiber content, Our Yonwold Grounding Sheet for bed Sleeping therapy contains 10% Silver Fiber, which is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the Sheets. You'll get better ground sensitivity and conductivity when your body touches the Sheet /sabanas de conexion a tierra/Blanket.From the germination of cotton seeds to the picking and processing, everything is environmentally friendly and healthy.
【The Safest Grounding Adapter with Cord】American adapter for grounding, the live wire and neutral wire are plastic materials, and the grounding terminal is conductive metal. Built-in resistance to prevent lightning strike through. 15 Foot long Grounded Cord,This length can meet most home long size cord grounding needs.The grounding Cord is made of powerful tear-resistant material, If there is no strong external force damage, it can be used for almost a lifetime.
【More Durable 】Grounding products that have been professionally tested for abrasion and cleaning. Our organic Grounding sheets still maintain good conductivity and durability after 5000 Rotating speed abrasion testing and 100 cleaning cycles.
【Different Sizes For Your Choice 】We have 27x52 inch , 54x75 Full/Double ,Queen 60x80inch ,King 76x80 inch ,For Your Choice Each of Yonwold Grounding Sheet includes a Organic Sheet, a Yonwold US safety adapter, a 15 foot long grounding Cable, and a user guide. There will be picture instructions for each step. Easy to install and safe to use. You will Get a relaxing and enjoyable installation experience.
【Return at Any Time】Yonwold accept any reason, any time of return, no matter a day, a month, a year, or even longer. As long as you are not satisfied, you can choose to return products. This is Yonwold confidence in product quality and commitment to customers.

Yonwold Organic Grounding Sheet 10% Silver for Bed Sleeping Therapy with Safest

SKU: B0B9ZZYHK1e4t6gfdsdef
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