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Vibroacustic Sound Therapy

Service Description

Vibroacoustic therapy is an innovative treatment that’s making waves in the world of therapy and recovery. Combining the power of music and vibration, vibroacoustic therapy offers a unique and effective approach to healing both the body and the mind. Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) uses low-frequency music and tactile vibrations as well as full-spectrum music to create amazing, immersive sound, relaxation, and meditative experiences. Clients lay on a specially designed massage table-like bed that has internal tactile transducers that apply vibrations directly to the body while listening through headphones to the music that is creating those exact vibrations. This real-time “hearing and feeling” of the same frequencies simultaneously creates an immersive effect that gives VAT a unique ability to impact the total mind, body and spirit. True acoustic resonance occurs between the body and the table, inducing incredible feelings of euphoria and clarity. VAT helps clients relax through its unique ability to reset their autonomic nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic in as little as 25 minutes! The sympathetic nervous system controls your “fight or flight” response while the parasympathetic nervous system brings your body into a state of calm, or “rest and digest.” This makes VAT a powerful tool for promoting relaxation and reducing stress, anxiety, muscle fatigue, and more, which can have numerous benefits for overall health and wellbeing.

Contact Details

  • 117 Kings Hwy, Shreveport, LA, USA

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